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Buying a home at COVID-19 Level 2

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Is Level 2 a good time to buy residential property in Christchurch? Judging by the interest we’ve seen from buyers and sellers, it’s a great time.

Great interest rates

Before COVID-19 hit, New Zealand mortgage rates were already the best they’d ever been. Now they’ve hit new historic lows.

If you take out a loan now, it may be the best deal you ever get.

New properties on the market

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Where have most of us spent pretty much all our time the past couple of months? At home.

And for some people, that’s meant they’ve realised that what they have isn’t quite what they want right now, or in the future. Or people have decided it's a good time to reconfigure their portfolios or financial arrangements generally. Maybe that’s why you’re thinking about buying something new right now.

There are now homes on the market that owners would never have thought about selling if not for COVID-19.

That dream home someone has hung on to for decades might be there to become your dream home.

Setting yourself up with the future and home you want

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Being at home might have prompted you to reconsider what you want out of a home, and what you want out of life.

Take advantage of that new perspective. If you’ve found that you need more space, or an outdoor area—or maybe that you’d feel better with something a little smaller—talk with our teams. They can help you find the right kind of home for you now, and for the future.

The home buying process at level 2: same services, different methods

All our offices are open to the public, with our staff ready and available to help you. Open homes, property viewings and auctions are going ahead.

But we’re keeping everyone’s safety our top priority. We’re working in accordance with industry-wide guidelines for physical distancing, hygiene and contact tracing. Learn how we're offering the same services by different methods.

Want to explore the market? Let us guide you.

Check out all our resources for buying a home, or get in touch directly. 2020 might have thwarted some of your plans, but it doesn’t need to stop your property goals.

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